What to Expect During Mediation

Whether you’re in the process of negotiating custody, a divorce, or another aspect of your current situation, mediation could be an excellent tool for you. The benefits of mediation are widely known, allowing couples to work together toward a solution instead of spending their energy fighting each other.

If mediation is in your future, knowing what to expect can minimize your stress. Not sure what your next step is in your family law dispute? It’s time for an attorney. Call KL Family Law at 714-372-2217 to set up a consultation now.

Anticipate an Informal Setup

When people think about family law, they tend to think about contentious divorces that play out in a courtroom while a disinterested judge looks on. Mediation is intentionally much more informal than that, since a more relaxed setup may allow participants to communicate more freely. Mediation may occur in a conference room or a comfortable office. While parties are generally kept together to discuss their thoughts, they may be able to speak privately to their attorney or separate into different rooms if necessary.

What You Say is Confidential

People may enter mediation worried that what they say can be used against them if mediation is unsuccessful. This may make mediation an exercise in frustration as both sides hold back useful information or insights. Information exchanged in mediation cannot later be used against you in court, so feel free to communicate openly to reach a fair settlement.

The Mediator Will Attempt to Keep Things Calm

The mediator is a neutral third party, so don’t worry about them siding with either party and driving up the tension. Their sole goal is to reach an agreement that is fair, benefits both parties, and gives everybody some of what they want. If communication begins to heat up and become unfruitful, the mediator may step in and change the topic or encourage everyone involved to take a break. If you’ve chosen your mediator carefully, you can trust that they know what to expect from the process and how best to manage it.

You and Your Ex-Partner Are On the Same Side

Throughout the mediation process, you and your ex-partner will discuss important topics in your settlement and try to find an acceptable middle ground. Ideally, each topic will end in an agreement that you both are willing to sign off on. For many people, it is hard to cooperate or compromise with someone you are angry with. This is normal in the early days of divorce or during a custody dispute. Try to put that aside, both for your own benefit and for the benefit of your children. No matter how you and your ex-partner feel about each other, reaching fair solutions in mediation can strengthen your co-parenting relationship and create a better environment for your children as they grow up. If you’re worried about how you’ll feel during mediation, let your attorney know so they can call for a break when they see you getting overwhelmed.

Choose KL Family Law for Your Legal Needs

The challenges you face in family law can be emotionally raw and draining. At KL Family Law, we understand how painful this time can be for you and we’re committed to making it easier and less stressful. With an empathetic and focused approach, we’ll pursue an agreement that suits your needs. Set up a consultation now by calling us at 714-372-2217 or contacting us online.

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