4 Benefits of Mediation in California Divorce Cases

Entering a divorce, most couples have different opinions about most things: how much support should be paid, who should get to spend more time with the kids, who should get to keep the house and the car and the dog. Just because you have different opinions and goals does not mean those decisions have to be made by screaming at each other in a contentious courtroom. If you are willing to work together, there are more personal options available.

Mediation is the process of working with an independent third party (the mediator) to determine the outcome of your divorce. The mediator is truly neutral, and does not have the final say about the issues – you do. If you can work together and collaborate on your divorce plan, you can come out without ever having to step foot in a courtroom. Here are 4 benefits of mediation that anyone getting divorced in California should know about:

Give Yourself a Say

In mediation, you have a direct say in the decisions reached about your future. A mediator will never force you to agree to anything. In fact, if you cannot reach an agreement with your ex, the mediation will just end and you will proceed to court. Most people would much rather have a hand in shaping their future instead of having it ultimately decided by a Judge who does not know your personal situation.

More Emotionally Responsible

Mediation can often lead to less emotional damage being sustained by everyone involved. Since it is quicker and more directly involved, people in mediation can often focus more easily on the common goal they are both working towards. While divorce is never easy, mediation might just make it easier.

Spend Less Time and Money

This is an option we know is important to many families: successful mediation can be much quicker and much less expensive than traditional divorce. Many divorces take well over a year in California, and that time can be significantly reduced with mediation. The lower overall cost can also help families transition to their altered financial life post-divorce.

Maintain Your Privacy

Mediation is a private process. Often, the only people physically present in the room are you, your ex, possibly your attorneys, and the mediator. While the end result in your divorce order will be seen by many people, they will have no idea what the process was like. Compare that to traditional divorce, where public court battles are fought and recorded for anyone interested.

Ask For Help

At KL Family Law, we believe in helping families move forward with compassion and integrity. We know from experience that divorce can be less stressful if couples work together and collaborate to reach a quick and amicable resolution. For help with your divorce, contact KL Family Law today! We know that brighter days are ahead.

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