Tips for Making the Most of Child Support

As parents, ensuring the happiness and well-being of our children is at the core of everything we do. When it comes to child support in California, the goal is straightforward: to ensure that a child's well-being is adequately supported in both households. Child support payments are meant to cover a broad range of expenses crucial to a child's development and comfort. Let's delve into how these funds can be utilized Read More

Enhancing Co-parenting Skills with High-Conflict Parenting Strategies

When parents separate, maintaining a cooperative relationship for the sake of their children becomes a central focus. High-conflict situations can exacerbate the already challenging task of co-parenting. However, by learning specific communication techniques and applying practical tools, parents can enhance their interactions, reduce stress, and provide a more supportive environment for their children. Effective Read More

Co-Parenting During Summer Break

  With the arrival of summer break, families across the country either embrace or dread the shift from the structured days of the school year to the relaxed pace of vacation time. This seasonal transition can bring a sense of freedom and excitement, offering opportunities for family trips, sports games, and cherished time with children. However, the summer months also present a few extra challenges and Read More

Relocating? Make Sure Your Existing Custody Agreement Sticks

For most people, moving is an inevitability. Work opportunities, family obligations, or simple whims will push many people to move. In many cases, it’s just a matter of packing up and leaving, but when you have an existing custody agreement, things may get a little complicated if you leave the jurisdiction. Before you sign any documents, it’s important to understand if it works with your existing agreements. When Read More

Guiding Families Through Change: Family Court Order Modifications

When it involves navigating the family court system, the focus remains unwaveringly on one thing: the well-being of your children. Adjusting child custody, visitation, and child support arrangements isn't merely a procedural step; it's a deeply personal journey through a time of significant change. Every adjustment, every court filing, and every decision made has a profound impact on the most precious part of your Read More

Marital Agreements With Limitations

In the heart of California's vibrant and diverse communities, marital agreements offer a path toward harmony, guiding couples through the challenges and victories of shared lives. These documents, often misunderstood, are not just legal formalities; they are heartfelt commitments to transparency and mutual respect. Pre and postnuptial agreements weave the fabric of trust and understanding, essential for the health Read More

New Year, New Beginnings: Navigating Asset Division in Divorces

As we usher in the New Year, many individuals find themselves at a crossroads, facing the daunting challenge of divorce. This period of significant change highlights the importance of understanding asset division, a process that has profound implications for one's financial future after divorce. This understanding is particularly crucial for those navigating the specifics of community property laws, which can Read More

Making the Holidays Less Stressful as a Co-Parent

The holiday season is meant to be a cheerful time of year. Neighbors have their lights up and there’s a bit of joy in the air to be shared with loved ones. But, for many, this cheer and opportunity to get closer to family members turns to stress and divisive challenges. Co-parents, in particular, are faced with unique challenges during the holiday season. All of the cheer can be overshadowed by the stress of Read More

Client Habits We’re Thankful For

This Thanksgiving, our team is reflecting on the number of blessings we’ve received in working with California families. We work with a diverse group of families in a wonderful state. Part of our work with these families is ensuring each family is well prepared for the case to come. In considering this preparation and advocating for a better experience, we rely on consistent strong habits from clients that allow Read More

The Unexpected Twists That Can Turn Your Divorce Into a Horror

Divorce is often demoralizing. You and your soon-to-be ex made a commitment to each other that one or both of you failed to live up to. While we’ve handled our fair share of amicable divorce cases, we’ve also seen the horror that these cases sometimes devolve into. You might think you have an “easy” case or even an uncontested divorce that both sides agree on, but it’s important to speak to an attorney if/when the Read More

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