5 Lies People Believe About Premarital Agreements

Premarital (also known as prenuptial) agreements have a bad reputation. People think of them as an unnecessary document that could only help wealthy people. This is just one of many lies people believe about prenups. The truth is, if you’re thinking about marriage, you should also be thinking about premarital agreements. Here are five popular ideas people believe about premarital agreements and what makes them lies.

1. Only wealthy people need premarital agreements.

False. Premarital agreements are appropriate for people of all economic levels. By having a premarital agreement, you’re not making a statement that you want to protect your current wealth. Instead, you’re making a statement that you want to address any potential future disputes before they occur (and while everyone is happy and in love).

2. Premarital agreements are unromantic.

False. Although it’s true that thinking about the end of your relationship isn’t the most romantic thing in the world, it allows you new insight into your future spouse and what he or she wants from the marriage. While you are creating your premarital agreement, you will discuss many difficult topics like how to manage your finances or how to care for children from previous romances. Essentially, sitting down to craft this important legal document is like a long marital counseling session that allows you a unique insight into your new partner.

3. People ask for a premarital agreement when they really don’t want to get married.

False. If a person didn’t want to get married, he or she wouldn’t. By asking for a premarital agreement, the individual is actually indicating that he or she is very ready to get married. In fact, that person is so ready to wed that they want to have a conversation about protecting each of your assets before you are joined and merge together.

4. Premarital agreements aren’t enforceable.

False. As with any contracts, your premarital agreement is legal as long as it was correctly created. Of course, if your agreement wasn’t legally created, you have nothing more than a piece of paper with two signatures. This is why finding a qualified attorney to help you create your premarital agreement is crucial.

5. Only the wealthier person is protected by a premarital agreement.

False. Premarital agreements are created without bias toward either party. When you and your spouse-to-be sit down and create your premarital agreement, you will spend a good amount of time discussing what you expect from each other in your marriage and what should happen if life doesn’t go as planned.

Are you ready to draft a premarital agreement?

If you’re thinking of marriage, you should also be thinking about a premarital agreement. You want to make sure you work with qualified family lawyers who can help guide you to create a thorough legal document. At KL Family Law, we can help you create the best possible premarital agreement. To find out how we can help, contact us today.

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