The Unexpected Twists That Can Turn Your Divorce Into a Horror

Divorce is often demoralizing. You and your soon-to-be ex made a commitment to each other that one or both of you failed to live up to. While we’ve handled our fair share of amicable divorce cases, we’ve also seen the horror that these cases sometimes devolve into.

You might think you have an “easy” case or even an uncontested divorce that both sides agree on, but it’s important to speak to an attorney if/when the unexpected twists and turns disrupt that. We’ve seen a number of clients bank on their spouse cooperating and making the process easy just to have that flipped on its head days later.

So, in the spirit of Halloween, we’re unmasking the unexpected so you are prepared for what’s lurking behind that door.

The Change of Heart

It happens in the movies all the time. The character you thought was the good guy has a sudden shift late in the movie to expose themselves as the bad guy. It was right in front of us the whole time!

We see this in divorce cases, too. One spouse is playing along the entire time just to change their mind late in the process about what you thought you previously agreed to. It’s important to not assume your case is settled until the court hands down a final decree.

Prepare for this by working with your attorney on contingency plans should the division of assets, child custody, or child support conversations reverse course and become more combative.

A Battle for Custody of Your Child

Almost every parent wants custody of their child. It’s the hardest decision a parent has to make when the marriage in which they had children falls apart and they’re forced to put their time with their children at risk.

You should never assume you have custody of your children until, again, the court issues a custody order. The same is true for California child support cases. You can’t know what your spouse is planning, and there’s a chance they’re trying to get you to relent on certain issues in exchange for a promise that is never fulfilled.

We understand that your time with your child is incredibly important to you. Don’t let it be put at risk by a dishonest ex.

Don’t Underestimate the Lack of Obligation

One of the biggest reasons even amicable divorce cases turn bad is because people underestimate the capabilities of a person who no longer has an obligation to you. You and your spouse may have had a great relationship that ultimately failed, but you don’t know the version of them that you’re going to get in your California divorce case.

Some people end up feeling a newfound sense of freedom and end up being a whole different person in the courtroom. We don’t want you to be shocked if your spouse isn’t quite who you thought they were at this moment.

At KL Family Law, we are dedicated to helping the people and families of California get the best out of their cases. We want to prepare you for any twists and turns of your divorce. Contact us today and make sure there are no jump scares lurking in your divorce.

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