Prenups Are a Sign of Trust and Set Your Marriage Up for Success

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements get a bad name. These documents are often a source of angst in relationships as people associate them with a sign of distrust. After all, why would I sign a document that sets parameters for our separation as we are about to get married or just got married?

We want to quiet these concerns and help California couples understand the importance of these agreements. Pre and post-marital agreements are actually quite the opposite – they are a sign that you trust each other and bring peace of mind to your marriage.

Prenups Protect Both Parties in a Marriage

Whether you (or your partner) have amassed significant wealth or are operating under moderate means, a prenup allows you to chart your financial path for the future. You both worked hard to earn money and the assets you own today, so protecting what you’ve worked so hard to grow makes sense.

A prenup is not always a one-sided affair. Both parties have the opportunity to define the path forward for assets and wealth on either side of the relationship. The peace of mind and confidence that these documents give your marriage will quiet future questions and frustrations before they arise.

It’s About More Than Money

It’s not all about money and assets, though. California prenuptial agreements may also include details about spousal support, child support and other child expenses, and even how each individual’s debt will be handled.

In most cases, a postnuptial agreement will be more effective than a prenuptial agreement if the two of you plan to limit or eliminate future spousal support or child support payments. The timing of your agreement will matter to the court.

Signing These Agreements Shows an Already-Established Trust

Will your relationship survive challenging conversations? Broaching the subject of these marital agreements is intimidating for couples who don’t trust each other. If you and your partner are able to confidently have a conversation about signing a prenup without immediately devolving into an argument then you’re already in a good place.

These agreements are a sign of trust – for today and for the future. Your ability to navigate complicated conversations together should inspire confidence and excitement for what’s to come.

It’s important to ensure the legality of these agreements, however. Working with a California prenup lawyer allows you to validate all of the details. At KL Family Law, we regularly work with California couples both before and after their marriage to establish agreements that provide peace of mind for the future. Contact our law firm and move forward with compassion and integrity.

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