How Do I File for Divorce When My Spouse is in Another Country?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It’s a saying we’ve all heard, but in some marriages, absence just makes getting a divorce a little more complicated. Our team has dealt firsthand with the additional complications that come when a spouse wants to get a divorce but their counterpart is either visiting or living in another country. This leads to questions about how you can actually file for a divorce if you Read More

What Happens When My Spouse Ignores the Divorce Filing?

Marriage is a commitment. So is divorce. Rarely do spouses take the decision of getting a divorce lightly, and both parties have to make their own commitments as the divorce process gets underway. In some cases, however, one spouse completely refuses to participate in the process – ignoring the divorce filing altogether. Our team has worked with clients in California who have filed for a divorce but have a spouse Read More

What Happens If My Spouse Dies During Our Divorce Case?

Divorce cases can drag out and be exhausting for both parties. You are both ready to move on and start a life of your own. Of course, you never planned for this when you started your marriage – which is proof that we can’t always predict the turns life will take. That’s exactly why we’re tackling this subject today. In life, we can’t always plan for what comes next and in some divorce cases, a spouse will die Read More

How Family Code 2640 Reimbursements Impact Your California Divorce

Dividing assets during your divorce can feel like picking through a pile of memories. You both made a commitment to each other and carried out your lives together, acquiring assets in the process, as if you would never have to get to this point. The most contentious issue in the division of assets is generally going to be the home in which you both lived. In some cases, this property was acquired prior to your Read More

How Will My Assets Be Divided in a California Divorce?

One of the most common divorce tropes is that your soon-to-be ex-spouse is going to “take you for all you’ve got.” You’ve worked hard to get where you are and to hold the assets you do today, so why would you have to turn those over in your divorce? Questions surrounding the division of assets during a divorce are among the most common questions we get at KL Family Law. People understandably want to protect what’s Read More

What Are the Consequences of Not Paying Child Support in California?

Last month, we dove into the California child support guidelines and the calculations that go into determining how much you will owe or be owed. The California courts follow this guideline strictly which allows families to set expectations and understand what’s coming in and what’s going out. The reality is, however, that circumstances change and not everyone has a steady income or discipline to reliably pay the Read More

How California Child Support is Calculated

Child support carries certain stigmas in social circles. People look down on the situation, viewing it as two parents who failed to make their relationship work and now one needs financial support in order to raise the child. We’re here to tell you you’re not alone in being in this situation – millions of Americans pay or receive child support payments. It’s a necessary aspect of being a divorced or separated parent Read More

Making the Most Out of Limited Time With Your Child

Having a child is an incredible commitment. As a parent, you want to be there for them for the rest of your life and make sure they have everything you have the capacity to give them. Unfortunately, we can’t always control the direction our lives and relationships take. When we go through a divorce or separation we lose much of the control we have over how and when we get to spend time with our children. Your Read More

What is a Gestational Surrogacy Agreement?

For many couples, the topic of having children is the most crucial decision they’ll ever make. Starting and growing a family is a challenge that proves to be a fulfilling experience for those who are able to do so. Unfortunately, not every couple is able to conceive children together because of genetic or other issues. Thankfully, modern technology provides avenues to growing your family even when these issues are Read More

What to Expect During Mediation

Whether you’re in the process of negotiating custody, a divorce, or another aspect of your current situation, mediation could be an excellent tool for you. The benefits of mediation are widely known, allowing couples to work together toward a solution instead of spending their energy fighting each other. If mediation is in your future, knowing what to expect can minimize your stress. Not sure what your next step Read More