How Family Pets Are Handled in a California Divorce

In most courtrooms, man’s best friend is treated the same way as man’s side table. That is harsh but true: no matter how important a pet is to a family, most Judges will not treat it like an equal member. However, a recent change in California law may signal a shift in that line of thinking. Over the last two decades, pet custody battles have been on the rise. It makes complete sense: pets are often considered a Read More

4 Benefits of Mediation in California Divorce Cases

Entering a divorce, most couples have different opinions about most things: how much support should be paid, who should get to spend more time with the kids, who should get to keep the house and the car and the dog. Just because you have different opinions and goals does not mean those decisions have to be made by screaming at each other in a contentious courtroom. If you are willing to work together, there are more Read More

8 Pieces of Bad Divorce Advice That You Should Ignore

If everyone is quiet when you are getting married, they probably all have something to say when you are getting divorced. At KL Family Law, we have heard it all over the years. Sometimes it is better to actually not listen to your family and friends when that advice is actively harming your own divorce case. Here are the 8 pieces of bad divorce advice that you should absolutely ignore when you hear them: Stay Read More

5 Tips For Being a Better Coparent

If parenting is never easy, then coparenting is certifiably difficult. For a parent, adjusting to only being with your child some of the time is just as challenging as a child adjusting to splitting their time between two parents. Whether you have joint custody or visitation spelled out in your Parenting Plan, any divorced couples can attest to the stress of raising a child with someone else split between two Read More

7 Ways to Avoid Arguments During a Divorce

We all know that getting a divorce is an emotionally turbulent time. You can easily say things you don’t mean to people that you love. Civil conversations with your ex-spouse can easily devolve into screaming matches. You can see reminders of your situation everywhere you go, without even looking for them. That is why we believe in finding ways to avoid arguments and relieve stress. The last thing you need in the Read More

7 Emotions You Can Feel During Divorce

Divorce is a weird new time for most people going through it. You may have gotten used to life being a certain way, and now it is totally different. It can be filled with surprises, not least of which may be the way you find yourself feeling. It can be totally different from what you felt before in your life, and it can vary wildly from moment to moment. This does not mean that it is wrong. We believe in feeling Read More

6 Tips for an Amicable Divorce

No one thinks that divorce is an easy process.  It is not often fun to be a part of. However, some people assume divorce will be the worst time of their life, filled with screaming matches, weeks of courtroom drama, and nights of over-drinking in the bathtub. It doesn’t have to be like that. Divorce may not be easy, but it can be amicable and civil. There are ways to make it a more pleasant experience for everyone Read More

Helping Children Adjust to Splitting Time Between Parents

When you file for divorce in California, a single household is divided in two. For you, that means dividing your finances and property and possibly finding a new house or apartment. For your children, it means having two places to call home.  As a parent, you’re going to be concerned, because younger children in particular don’t welcome disruptions to their daily routines. However, this doesn’t mean that they Read More

3 Things to Know About Emergency Custody Orders in California

As a parent, it’s normal to be alarmed when you believe your child may be in danger. Imagine your daughter returning from a visit with her father, hungry and scared and saying that he made her stay in the bedroom while he and some friends were doing drugs - after he swore to the court during the divorce that he was clean! What can you do? You want to immediately refuse future visitation but you know that doing so Read More

Three Myths About Divorce

For as much lore that surrounds holy matrimony as there is, there’s even more skulking about divorce. Divorce can be a long, ugly battle, and many people have a friend of a friend with their own horror story. However, divorce isn’t always as insufferable as it’s made out to be, nor are all the claims made about it true. Today, we’re here to set the record straight on three of California’s top divorce myths. If Read More