Protecting Children When a Relationship Turns Violent

Domestic violence is a serious and devastating situation for everyone involved. When our relationships turn violent, the impact on our children is not only immediate but everlasting. At KL Family Law, we understand why it can be hard and even dangerous to exit a relationship that turns into violence, especially when children are involved. Thankfully, there are resources and actions you can take to protect your Read More

Talking to Your Kids About Your Divorce

If you’re getting a divorce, you may feel defeated, lost, and heartbroken. After all, you got married for a reason but now those reasons aren’t enough to keep your marriage going. The entire process can be demoralizing for you personally, but when you have kids the divorce process can also have some severe long-term impacts on them. We recently talked about helping your children adjust post-divorce, but some of Read More

Finding Middle Ground During a Divorce

At KL Family Law, we understand how challenging divorce can be. Sometimes the relationship and divorce process turns ugly. In these cases, your soon-to-be ex-spouse might be the last person you want to find middle ground with. However, this could be key to finalizing your divorce and protecting your children (if you have any). We want to help you find solutions for this issue and get you on your way to the freedom Read More

When a Judge Will Consider Custody Agreement Changes

The legal process of establishing custody, whether it’s post-divorce or in another situation, can be exhausting and feel frustrating for both parties. However, the initial agreement established by the courts is not set in stone. In fact, there are many factors a judge in California may consider in your case. One or both parties are moving Your custody agreement is likely contingent on location. If there are Read More

4 Ways To Start Moving On After a Divorce

Most people remember their first Valentine’s Day after getting divorced very well. It can be difficult, once the final order has been signed and you are really on your own, to figure out what to do next. Everyone likes to point out that jumping into another relationship (or as many beds as you can find) is not a healthy way to actually move on. So what is healthy? At KL Family Law, we know that the end of a Read More

4 More Myths About Divorce (And the Truth Behind Them)

A few years ago, we wrote about three myths that we hear people spreading about divorce all the time. Today, we’re back to set the record straight. When you work in the family law business, you hear all kinds of wild rumors about the divorce process. They are almost never true. Worried about what your co-worker told you about their divorce? Here are 4 myths about divorce that we would like to debunk - and the actual Read More

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Coparents

The New Year can mean a lot of different things to coparents. It’s a start to a whole new period of time to spend with your child and watch them grow. It’s a fresh beginning at trying all new approaches and habits along the way. For many coparents, it’s also the end of the holiday season, where you might have to see your ex more than usual. We know that can be difficult. As coparents look forward to the New Year, Read More

4 Holiday Tips For Divorced Parents

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to be a kid, so why doesn’t it always feel like that for parents? The holidays can be a time of stress and confusion for many divorced parents, especially those who got divorced within the last few years. Getting through them successfully means focusing on the children - and planning well in advance. As we enjoy the holiday season, here are 4 tips to make the special days Read More

The Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce

In a divorce, there are many decisions to be made. Essential concerns like child custody, child support, spousal support, and who gets to keep the house and car are often the top concerns for couples who have decided to call it quits. However, there’s one decision that goes on to inform all of the others: whether to get a contested or uncontested divorce. A contested divorce is one where the couple does not agree Read More

5 Healthy Ways to Manage Divorce Stress

No one ever describes divorce as a fun, relaxing, enjoyable experience. On the other side of it, it is easy to recognize how much happier you are - but you might still dread looking back on the process. Just like everything in life, however, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with the stress that often accompanies divorce. It’s fine to eat ice cream and cry in the bathtub. In fact, we would recommend Read More

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