5 Lies People Believe About Premarital Agreements

Premarital (also known as prenuptial) agreements have a bad reputation. People think of them as an unnecessary document that could only help wealthy people. This is just one of many lies people believe about prenups. The truth is, if you’re thinking about marriage, you should also be thinking about premarital agreements. Here are five popular ideas people believe about premarital agreements and what makes them Read More

Alimony 101: How California Courts Determine Support Amounts

Alimony, which is often called spousal support, is one of the most misunderstood aspects of any divorce. To put it simply, alimony is a payment that one of the spouses pays to the other either for a set amount of time, or permanently, in order to help minimize the disruption to each party’s standard of living after the divorce. When determining how much alimony is paid, and for how long, the courts will look at many Read More

Understanding Your Custody Options in California

For many families, creating a suitable custody schedule is one of the top priorities when it is clear that separation or divorce is necessary. California awards legal and physical custody to parents, allowing parents to create a parenting plan that suits their children’s needs. Legal Custody Options Legal custody refers to the right that each parent has to make decisions about their children’s care. Parents Read More

Splitting Up Assets: How California Divides Property in Divorce

Divorce brings up a lot of difficult questions and situations. One discussion that will need to take place between you and your ex relates to the division of property. This includes real estate, liquid funds, money held up in retirement or investment funds, items with substantial financial value, and anything else with financial or sentimental value. Below we explain how California divides these assets. What is Read More

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