8 Pieces of Bad Divorce Advice That You Should Ignore

If everyone is quiet when you are getting married, they probably all have something to say when you are getting divorced. At KL Family Law, we have heard it all over the years. Sometimes it is better to actually not listen to your family and friends when that advice is actively harming your own divorce case. Here are the 8 pieces of bad divorce advice that you should absolutely ignore when you hear them:

  1. Stay Together For the Kids

Any sort of “stick it out” messaging is flawed at best. Your children would rather have two separate parents who are happy than two parents who live together and are unhappy. There is no need to limit yourself and devalue your worth by staying in a failed or failing relationship.

  1. Make Up For Lost Time

Here’s the second most common bad divorce advice: start dating again right away/you’re not getting any younger/make up for lost time. While it can be painful, taking time to be by yourself during the actual divorce process is incredibly important. It will allow you to process and heal from the divorce so that when you are ready, you can be emotionally ready for the next relationship. 

  1. You Can Always Get It Modified

You want to get your divorce order right the first time. While it is true that you can modify certain matters in your divorce order after major life changes, don’t settle for something you’re unhappy with just because you might be able to change it later.

  1. Moms Always Get the Kids Anyways

There is an antiquated thought that in different-sex relationships, the mom always gets the kids instead of the dad. While there may have been some truth in it half a century ago, no such inclination exists today. The court’s goal is for the kids to have a relationship and time with both their parents.

  1. Don’t Feel Sorry For Yourself

Any advice that makes you feel bad about your emotions is invalid. While there are responsible ways to deal with your emotions, there is no need to feel bad about any emotions that you feel during a divorce. Take the time to feel what you need to feel and move on properly.

  1. Get Every Penny That You Can

While we agree with fighting for what you deserve, we don’t believe in lying and cheating to extract every penny you can from your spouse. We believe that a resolution that can minimize your future financial and emotional stress is far more beneficial than spending all your energy going after every penny that you can. 

  1. My Divorce Didn’t Take That Long

Every divorce is different, so comparing them to each other is a fruitless effort. Some may choose mediation over litigation. Different states have different approaches, as do different lawyers. No one should make you feel bad for being on your own path.

  1. You Can Do It Yourself

This is the most dangerous bad divorce advice: that you can navigate your divorce by yourself. To get a result that you actually want, you need an experienced divorce lawyer by your side. To get some good divorce advice, contact KL Family Law today. We believe in helping families move forward with compassion and integrity.

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