7 Emotions You Can Feel During Divorce

Divorce is a weird new time for most people going through it. You may have gotten used to life being a certain way, and now it is totally different. It can be filled with surprises, not least of which may be the way you find yourself feeling. It can be totally different from what you felt before in your life, and it can vary wildly from moment to moment. This does not mean that it is wrong.

We believe in feeling things as deeply as they come and then finding ways to comfortably move on to the next thing. In divorce, these may be very different than what you are used to. Here are 7 unexpected emotions you can feel during a divorce:

Grief. It may be unexpected, but it is not unusual to grieve after a divorce. After all, you are saying goodbye to a way of life, one that you may have had for decades. It shouldn’t feel like a loved one dying, but it might feel like losing something that was once important to you. It’s natural to feel that way.

Regret. Divorce can lead to a lot of self-doubt and, consequently, a lot of regret. You may find yourself replaying moments in your head and wondering if things would have changed if you had done something differently. Know that everything happens for a reason, and there is no use in wondering about what-ifs.

Annoyance. This one might come up surprisingly often during a divorce. You might feel annoyed at the number of people asking you about your divorce. You might feel annoyed at how often you have to communicate with your ex. You might feel annoyed at the whole situation in general. Give yourself the patience to feel that.

Conflicted. If you are co-parenting, it is likely you will feel like you are living two conflicting double lives. In one, you are a supportive parent who has everything figured out and doesn’t spend time talking about your ex. In your other, you feel like you are barely holding things together. Know that your children love spending time with you no matter what is happening.

Haunted. It is common to see your ex everywhere you go, especially if you are still living in the same town or even the same home you once shared. Making a life together puts your fingerprints all over the place, and you might see those everywhere you turn. Know that this will fade in time, and it can be liberating to try something new, even something as simple as driving somewhere new for a little change of scenery every now and then.

Acceptance. Acceptance is not necessarily something that you will feel once and then be set for life. It is likely something that will come and go for some time. You will realize that you are fine on your own and happy with all the decisions you’ve made in one moment and in the next moment have doubts. This is normal as you boldly move forward with your life.

Joy. Don’t be surprised if you feel more excited than you have in a long time. Don’t be shocked when you break out into giggles until your ribs hurt. Don’t second guess the feelings of happiness you might find waking up to a new morning. Divorce is the start of something new, and that something can be beautiful for you.

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