5 Back to School in Person Tips for Divorced Parents

Back to school season is never easy for children, but this year it may be more difficult than ever. For the majority of California children, this fall is the first time they will be going to school in person in over 1.5 years. Some young children even entered school virtually and will now be attending in person for the first time ever. Through all of this, helping your child adjust to their “new normal” once again is of utmost importance.

Of course, this is even harder for divorced parents. If you got divorced during the pandemic, as many couples have, this will be your first time navigating back to school across two households. No matter what your situation is, here are 5 tips for divorced parents navigating sending their children back to school in person again:

Be Open to Listen

Most children will have a lot to say about this experience, whether positive, negative, or in-between. Ask them about their feelings about going back to school and their experience when they start. Most of all, be ready to listen to whatever they have to say and whatever they need most.

Tell Your Teachers

You should make a point to let your child’s teacher know that you are divorced. This is especially important if they knew you before the divorce. It can help navigate logistical issues like which parent to contact and who to expect picking them up, but it can also help inform how the teacher communicates with your child.

Share a Calendar

If you are not already sharing a virtual calendar with your coparent from your Parenting Plan, you should start now. This will help have it in writing and keep everyone on the same page about who is dropping off and picking up your child each day. You can also use it to plan for school holidays and half days.

Share a Backpack

It’s normal to start to keep two of some essentials when your child is travelling back and forth between households: toothbrushes, pillows, pajamas. Your child’s backpack, however, should stay consistent. This ensures that both parents are on the same page about your child’s homework and work load, and instills a sense of personal responsibility in your child.

Ask For Help

At KL Family Law, we are here to help families move forward with compassion and integrity. If you are struggling with any family issues during back to school season, contact KL Family Law today! We can help you find family law solutions that put children first.

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