4 More Myths About Divorce (And the Truth Behind Them)

A few years ago, we wrote about three myths that we hear people spreading about divorce all the time. Today, we’re back to set the record straight. When you work in the family law business, you hear all kinds of wild rumors about the divorce process. They are almost never true. Worried about what your co-worker told you about their divorce? Here are 4 myths about divorce that we would like to debunk – and the actual truth behind them:

Mothers Always Get the Kids

This may have had some truth in the 1950’s, but it certainly is not the standard today. To begin with, plenty of families have two mothers, or no mothers at all. Secondly, child custody is determined by the best interests of the child. Almost always, that best interest involves a child seeing both of their parents regularly. As for which parent will secure more time with their child, it is based on history and activity, not gender.

You Have To Go To Court (To Get What You Want)

Most divorces don’t actually go down like how they look on TV. In fact, many divorces don’t even make it to a courtroom litigation battle to begin with. Divorcing couples have the option to work their issues out themselves through mediation, which tends to be cheaper and quicker than going to court. It also puts the ultimate decision of what happens to your case in your own hand. There are many different methods to work through your divorce, and most of them do not lead to a courtroom shouting match.

There’s a Standard Timeline

Maybe your friend’s divorce did finish up in two months. That doesn’t mean yours will. It also doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your divorce. The truth is that there is no set standard timeline for a divorce. We have seen divorces take six months from filing to full completion and we have seen divorces take more than three years. Every divorce is unique, so don’t feel that you have to compare yours to others.

You Can Do It On Your Own

The most dangerous myth we hear about divorce is that it is easy to do on your own. While it is true that someone has the option to represent themselves in court under the right circumstances, we can guarantee that it will not work out the way that you want. You need the help of an experienced professional.

At KL Family Law, we are focused on helping families move forward with compassion and integrity. We want you to make it through your divorce with your family unharmed. For help with any family legal matters, contact KL Family Law today! We are here to help you!

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